The St. Petersburg Society For Jewish Folk Music

The St. Petersburg Society For Jewish Folk Music

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Music Book.

This is a unique collection of songs and background information about the ST. PETERSBURG SOCIETY FOR JEWISH FOLK MUSIC, This Group of Russian musicians, in the short time that the Society functioned (1908-1918), laid the foundation for the 20th century renascence of Jewish music in America as well as Israel.

In every sense, this book is a tribute to those significant pioneers in modern Jewish music.

Content List

01.Yom Ani Holech-J. Achron 10. Lomir Zich Iberbetn-S. Rosowsky 19. Tatenyu-J. Engel
02. Kever Rachel-M. Gnessin 11. Ai-le-lu-lu-S. Rosowsky 20. Nor Doch Dir-J. Engel
03. Zog Zhe Rebenyu-S. Kisselgoff 12. Unter Sorele’s Vigele-L. Saminsky 21. Likras Shabbos-J. Engel
04. Vos Vet Zain Mit Reb Yisroel-H. Kopit 13. Ani Hadal-L. Saminsky 22. Minhag Chadash-J. Engel
05. Rakim Meroch Panayich-AKrein 14. Y’rushalayim-E. Schklar 23. Eliyohu Hanovi-J. Engel
06. Ayech-A. Krein 15. Di Mezinke Oisgegebn-M.Warshawsky 24. Omrim Yeshna Eretz-J. Engel
07. In Cheder-M. Milner 16. Az Ich Volt Gehat-A. Zhitomirsky 25. Eli, Eli-M. Schalit
08. Unter Di Grininke Boimelach-M. Milner 17. Kaddish Fun Reb Levi Yitzchok-J. Engel
09. Yidl Mitn Fidel-M. Milner 18. A Mol Iz Geven A Maise-J. Engel


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