The Ladino Fake Book

The Ladino Fake Book

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Ladino is the name of the Judeo-Spanish dialect that was spoken by the Sephardic Jewish communities in their Diaspora. The Ladino Fake Book features 68 hauntingly beautiful Ladino Folksongs culled from an extensive repertoire and published in a compact edition.

Includes Melody line, Chords. Texts, Transliterations, Translations, Pronunciation Guide and Introductory material. 14 Songs with piano accompaniment are included.

Content List

A La Una Yo Naci Fiestaremus/Hatikva Scalerica D’oro
Adio Querida La Vida Por El Raki Siete Hijos Tiene Hanna
Arvolicos D’almendra Los Bilbilicos Tu Madre Cuando Pario
Bendigamos Ocho Kandelikas Una Matica De Ruda
Coplas De Purim Paxaro De Hermozura Una Pastora Yo Ami
Cuando El Rey Nimrod Poverta Muchachika Yo M’enamore D’un Aire
Durme Hermoza Hijico Quen Su Piese

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